Ways to make your little one enjoy reading!

Books are AMAZING! You get to explore new worlds and learn new things – all from the comfort of your seat! That is why it is so important to introduce your little ones to books early and nurture a love of reading in them.

Here are a few tips to make reading loads of fun and keep your little ones yearning for more!

1. The choice of book matters! Pick books that are age appropriate (for instance lots of pictures and simple words for younger children etc).

For older children, pick books on topics that they are interested in. You can also let them pick out books for themselves.

A book with characters from their favorite movie is guaranteed to pique their interest too. Look out for those like the one below.

2. Pick a conducive time and setting for the reading. Switch off the tv, put down the phone, draw your child in for a cuddle on the sofa etc and get ready to explore the world!

3. Find your silly side! Make funny faces, change your voice, make body movements.

Bring the story to life!

4. Encourage them to make up their own stories ( and if old enough write them down).

Games like Rory’s Story Cubes are perfect for getting the creative juices flowing.

5. Involve your child – no matter how young they are. For the babies, let them touch the pages. For the toddlers, let them turn the pages. For the older child, ask questions as the story progresses. Let them read to you. Help them with difficult words. Let it be as interactive as possible.

6. Keep it light. Do not get into soldier/militant mode????????????????. Recognize when your child has had enough and keep it short. You don’t want your child to dread the reading experience!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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