Get Rhimamoried

We are Rhimamory, your all in one online retail store packed full with items to support your child’s early years development – this includes children with additional needs.

Help your child to fully explore their inner potential as early as possible through the use of our carefully selected toys specially designed to hone their developmental skills even before they start school.

Rhimamory also offers a bespoke shopping service where we source specialist unique items and deliver them straight to your door – all at a very competitive prices.

Through our attractive toys and learning resources we aim to make learning fun!

For us – getting Rhimamoried is more than just buying toys, it is a whole experience! But hey – don’t take our word for it.

Hear from our wonderful clients who have been Rhimamoried!


“Rhimamory Resources has done it again! Loads of amazing educational materials to your doorsteps! Thank you for making it possible for us to learn while playing”

Little Einstein’s Center, Lagos. 2019.


“I love to carry the bright packaging to parties – even though my kids are begging to carry it”.

Mrs Isoken, Lagos. 2019.


“I hope you know your online shop has been a blessing to me and my family. Getting the right materials and quality customer service. 100%”.

Mrs Choice, Osogbo. 2019


“I thought I should let you know – my daughter loves the hungry hippo game so much that I am almost regretting buying it for her now… No jokes, we must have played it a million times now! Thank you. Money well spent”.

Mrs Yetunde, Lagos. 2019.


“Your products speak for themselves. Great to find vendors who are not just in it for the sale … but who also follow up and aim to impact. Powerful combination … Proudly Rhimamoried”.

Mrs Toyin, Abuja. 2019.


“Your participation and materials made the conference feel complete. We created the awareness and your stand provided the required resources for parents and caregivers”.

Modupe for GTBank, 2018.