Rhimamory Consulting

Rhimamory is a toy store and so much more! Our mission is to ensure EVERY child in Nigeria can have access to great quality educational resources at affordable prices and that no child left behind.

We set up this arm “Rhimamory Consulting” to facilitate the achievement of this goal.

So what does Rhimamory Consulting actually do? Simply put, we work with our clients to ensure ALL children realize their full potential! From families to corporate bodies; healthcare institutions to government – we are on hand to advise, guide strategize and procure materials to help children all over Nigeria reach their goals.

We do this in 4 ways.

  • Personalized Shopping Service/Procurement
  • Advisory Services
  • Inclusion Strategies and Implementation
  • Advocacy


We offer a personal shopping service where we help clients source resources/learning aids from all over the world and deliver these direct to their door. With this, we ensure that a child never has to lack the right resource to achieve their goals.


We also offer advisory services to organizations in the following ways:

  • Schools: We can provide professional advice on the materials required to set up a crèche, nursery or primary school. We can also supply the resources required to set them up to international standards. Schools we have worked with include Ikoyi Nursery, The Pottersland School, Juniper Hill crèche nursery and primary school, Marble Hill School, Forteyard Montessori School and so many others all over Nigeria.
  • Centres and organizations for children with additional needs: We work closely with these bodies and the professionals that work there by providing customized advice as to the best resources required to help children attain their developmental goals. We supply a huge range of therapy materials necessary for effective therapy and helping children reach their goals. Centres we have worked with include Patrick Speech and Language centre Lagos, Patsilver Educational and therapy centre Abuja, Children Developmental Centre Lagos, Pleasant Places Therapy Centre (Lagos and Abuja), Little Einstein’s Centre Lagos, Autism Associates Warri, Larger than I developmental foundation Baylesa and so many more.
  • Corporate bodies: We facilitate in the fulfillment of companies’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals where children are involved. The scope of our service here ranges from the identification of deserving recipients to provision of suitable and beneficial resources. Companies we have worked with include IHS Nigeria Ltd and their provision of therapy materials to the Mo Rainbow Down Syndrome Foundation in 2018 and many others.


We offer consultancy services to schools/ places of worship/ hospitals/ organizations who wish to practice inclusion of children with additional needs. We provide strategies to management to achieve inclusion goals. We also advise the recruitment and training of staff to achieve this. We recommend appropriate resources and aids required to ensure effective inclusion.

We were honoured to have been recognized as being leaders in this area by GTBank. We have been included in their directory since 2017 as a leading supplier of educational resources and therapy aids in Nigeria. We were privileged to have been invited to exhibit at their 2018 Autism conference – an opportunity extended to just 4 organizations nationally and internationally.

We have also worked with the Fountain of Life Church Lagos to set up an inclusive classroom for their children. We consulted, procured, delivered and set this up with them in December 2019.

We are currently working with the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Nigeria to provide catechism for children with special needs and sourcing the required materials for this endeavour.


Two topics that are very crucial to the future of Nigeria is:

  • Creating awareness on the benefits of play based learning for ALL children.
  • The need for inclusion of people with additional needs and ways to achieve this

We continually strive to put a spotlight on these very important areas.

We are available for speaking opportunities to help create awareness, educate and provide practical ways to achieve both laudable goals.

We have given talks at numerous events such as “The ECD Practitioners Meet up” in 2018 and organizations such as NNPC Hospital Lagos in 2019.

Rhimamory has provided thousands of materials to special needs centres, individuals, families, crèches, nursery schools, primary schools, healthcare professionals as well as across Nigeria.

We call it “Getting Rhimamoried”.

Call 0706 499 2408 or email info@rhimamory to set up an appointment today! We cannot wait to work with you!