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Picking a Summer School/Camp for your child? Read this!

So the holidays are here and you have decided to send your child to a summer school/camp. Great choice but which one to choose? You have so many flyers and Instagram is full of suggestions!!! Arrgghhhh!!!

You know we have always got your back. We have put together this handy set of tips to to help you make the right choice for your child!

Your Child!!!  – Consider their interests, activities they have shown interest in and activities that you would them to try. Then look for a camp/club offering the best mix of all these things with particular emphasis on NEW activities. You cannot tell what sort of budding genius you have at home if they are never given the opportunity to explore their talents.

Alternatively if your child is clearly excellent at something (coding for instance) and does not have the time during the school term to hone that skill, consider sending them to a camp dedicated to that field to further develop that skill.

Proximity – Make sure the camp is close to your office or home so that pick up or drop off does not have you regretting the whole experience. If the camp is worth it but far away, look into the option of car pooling with other parents or using the camp’s bus (if available).

Networking – Yes networking – who says only adults can network? Your child’s social network does not have to be limited to their school mates only. Let them go out and make friends outside of their social circle. These kind of activities goes a long way in building up their self esteem and making them more confident adults with great interaction skills. So think about this before you send them directly to the summer school/camp being organised by your children’s school.

Recommendations – Priceless. If a particular camp has a lot of parents excited or you have seen a camp be particularly beneficial to a child you know, check it out!

Environment – Before making that final choice, go and have a quick look around. Make sure its a place you are comfortable leaving your child for this period. In particular look out for play areas, toilet facilities etc

Fun Activities – Yes we want our children to learn but it is still their holidays. A good summer club/school should provide a good mix of activities to ensure that the children can learn new things whilst having fun.

Cost!Cost! Cost! – There are still school fees to be paid in September so do consider your finances. Have a budget and stick to it. The most expensive is not necessarily the best so make sure the activities lined up are worth it before bringing out your bank card to pay. If it is a bit beyond your budget, consider the weekly option a lot of summer camps/schools offer as opposed to paying for the whole thing at once.


Wishing you and your children an awesome holiday ahead!



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  1. Winnie says:

    thanks….useful writeup

    1. rhimamory says:

      You are welcome! Thanks for reading and please feel free to share.

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