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Snap Cubes

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Make counting, addition and subtraction extra fun with Snap Cubes!

These are a set of 100 plastic cubes that can connect on all sides. They come in sets of 10 (in different colours) that can be used to learn how to count to 100 in ones and tens.


10 purple cubes

10 yellow cubes

10 red cubes

10 blue cubes

10 light green cubes

10 dark green cubes

10 brown cubes

10 black cubes

10 white cubes

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1 review for Snap Cubes

  1. Anna

    I absolutly love this product. Its very durable, well built, easy to attach and pull out. It is one of my favourite materials in the classroom. Not a day goes by without us using it.All of my children love it. You can use it to teach variety of skills starting from building, sorting colours to different math skills like addition, substruction, place of value etc. I just wish i have more than one set.

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