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Flute Oral Motor Whistle


Use the easy to blow Flute oral motor whistle build oral motor skills like lip closure, tongue retraction, cheek tension, as well as respiratory skills like breath control and sustained air flow.  Auditory feedback from the whistle helps keep clients engaged and motivated.

It requires minimal respiratory effort.  It features a flat mouthpiece to exercise the lips, a flat bottom to prevent the whistle from rolling away when set down on a table and a wide tubular base for easy cleaning.  This sturdy, high quality beginner whistle is an excellent addition to any oral motor tool bag!

No BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex


The flute measure 14.6cm long and 2cm in diameter.

The mouthpiece specifically measures about 1.7cm  wide and 0.7cm tall

Flutes are sold individually.

Available colours – yellow, pink and teal.

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