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5 essential questions to ask your child’s teacher at the start of a new term.

As a lot of schools resume, an important question is “Are you and your child ready?” And no, not the obvious preparations like uniforms, books, fees etc but mentally and academically ready. 

Christmas term ends with a lot of fuss – exams, rehearsals, concerts, class parties etc so this is a great time to have a quiet word with your child’s teacher and ask some very important questions. Of course these will vary but these should be the basic ones and a great place to start.

1.  How did my child find their first term in a new year/class? This is a chance to cover areas not covered by their report cards.

2.  Have any new strengths been discovered in your child? New skills to explore? Any areas to work on?

3. How are they communicating with others? Are they fitting in? Any bullying etc? 

4.  What are the school’s expectations for the new term?

5.  How can we help at home to help meet these expectations/goals?

This would be an ideal time to let the school know of any new skills/activities/ concerns discovered during the holidays. 

Week one is a busy time for the school so please make sure this is done at a convenient time for great results on both your parts. 

The right questions at the right time can go a long way! Good luck mums and dads. 

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