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3 ways your nanny can help your child learn at home

If you are a working parent or even a stay at home parent, it is very likely that you wonder (or even worry) about the quality of care that your nanny is giving your child in your absence.

It is not enough to have your child plonked in front of Telemundo or African Magic for hours. Here are some handy tips and activities for your nanny to do with your child to make your home a rich learning environment even when you are not there.


  1. Outdoor Play – Yes children learn through play and exploration. So instruct nanny to let your child explore their immediate environment – your premises (as safely as possible of course) for a convenient period of time each day. Outdoor activities like bouncing on hoppers, blowing bubbles, cycling/riding a tricycle etc would make it even more exciting!


  1. Depending on your nanny’s level of education, lay out activities and educational toys on a weekly basis (daily if you have time) with clear instructions on how they are to be used. Shape sorters and puzzles for instance are easy to understand and great for development. Make sure nanny understands that she is supposed to step back and allow your child try to solve the activities!


  1. .Encourage speech with your child. Your nanny should talk to your child. Children learn to talk through interaction. A tablet or TV just cannot give the right interaction needed. If nanny’s language skills aren’t too exciting, she can teach your child names of things or even her own language. Children are naturally gifted at learning languages!

Of course every situation is different but these are enough to be a general guide!

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